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Reasons to Swim With Super Swimmers Academy

* Over 35 years of teaching children and adults in the St Louis area to become confident and skillful swimmers
* Nurturing and creative approach
* Experienced and qualified instructors
* Several "just right" warm pool pools- indoors and outdoors
* Scheduling options
* Year round program

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What Others Say

She has a firm but loving way of instructing kids.  Learning is fun and full of positive interactions...  Sarah has a special way of connecting with kids and getting them to excel.  I have recommended Sarah to several friends and they have been pleased and amazed at the success of their child.
Deb H., parent

Our daughter has been swimming with Miss Sarah for nearly 5 years now.  When she started, she was completely terrified of the water and is now a most accomplished swimmer.  We recently began swimming on a local swim team, and we were so thankful for the time that Miss Sarah spent teaching and practicing each swim stroke with our daughter.  Her coaches couldn’t believe the knowledge she brought to swim team at such a young age, and that is only because of our lessons with Miss Sarah.  I truly can’t say enough good things about the teaching that occurs at Super Swimmers Academy.  Our daughter wants to go the Olympics as a swimmer, and thanks to Miss Sarah she just might make it one day!
Liz A., parent

A friend was commenting to my husband about my daughter's swimming skills. She asked my husband how she [my daughter] learned to swim. My husband said: "Three words: SUPER SWIMMERS ACADEMY."
Sharon D.

Swimming makes my day.
Dinah, age 9

I call her the Swim Whisperer. Kids may be scared, shy, terrified to go under water or float and once you get in the water with them and work with them, it is magic - The Swim Whisperer...
Colleen K.

I marveled at how she, [Miss Sarah] was able to give so much individual attention to each student while still keeping the group together and active.
Rabbi Randy Fleischer, parent

Her [Miss Sarah's] ability to find constructive ways to motivate young children to learn to swim is both imaginative and fun.
Ron V., parent

She [Miss Sarah] routinely explores new ways of teaching and interacting in order to try to enhance the kids' learning.
Michael J. Lim, MD.

Sarah's ability to connect with each and every student, the confidence and self esteem she builds and nurtures, and her love of teaching all of us to swim continues to be a blessing for our St. Louis community.
Rabbi Susan Talve, parent

I am constantly amazed how calm, patient, and innovative she is. She individualizes the instructional program for each child. She seems to have an innate ability to work with developmentally disabled children and individuals with special needs.
James H. Esther, M.D., parent of former student

Sarah is persistent and firm but not pushy or abrupt with her directions or instruction. She has calmness about her that is passed along to her students.
Mary H., mother of special needs student

We are very lucky to have someone like Sarah Marx who has the ability and the perseverance to teach our kids with different abilities!
Dr. Alan Skoultchi, Pediatrician, parent of former student

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