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Swim Lesson Groups

Small groups: 4:2 (students to instructor)
30 (parent-child) and 45 minute lessons. Our small groups provide a wonderful opportunity for students to motivate each other and to work collaboratively. We take pride in establishing small groups compatible to each child's skill level.

Private lessons: 1:1 (student to instructor)
30 minute lessons. These are recommended when
1) a student has a special need
2) an appropriate group placement of a similar age cannot be found
3) a child is extremely fearful

Semi-Private: 2:1 (student to instructor)
30 minute lessons.
Semi-private classes are provided at the outdoor pool ONLY.
Fees for semi-privates are charged per student.

Appropriate class placements are sought for ALL children. These placements are based upon each child's comfort level in the water, control of movements, stroke knowledge, endurance and strength.

A FREE skills assessment is made prior to the start of classes. Once enrolled in lessons, your child's skill level will be monitored.

Please contact Super Swimmers Academy; we will customize lessons around your schedule.

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